2006/06/18 12:41
-Added Alice card to the calculator.

2006/05/29 3:53
-Adjusted Ep 10.2 mobs slightly. There's still some things off so I'll need to update again later.
-Made the final adjustments to Shield Chain (thanks rorotario for your hard work!)

2006/05/10 11:08
-Added in Ep 10.3 monsters to the calculator. Keep in mind that this data is perliminary and may not be entirely correct.

2006/05/09 17:01
-Added Venom Splasher to Rogues and Stalkers.
-Corrected Power Up to show the correct hit bonus for monsters.
-Allowed the adjustment of level for Power Up and Agility Up (most bosses use lvl 5 of the skill).

2006/04/26 13:48
-Corrected a bug which caused sign to be calculated twice durring melee attacks.

2006/03/18 4:11
-Added in the correct formula for Acid Bomb. This should match official implimentation pefectly now.

2006/03/17 4:39
-Corrected bug which caused abyss knight bonus to be doubled.
-Fixed quick weapon card shortcuts to have 3x and 4x abyss knight cards.

2006/03/16 15:45
-Corrected mistake which caused iRo versions of Carat and Gibbet card to stop functioning.

2006/03/15 3:52
-Made changes to the way Focused Arrow Strike is handled and displayed.
-Corrected damage with Spiral Pierce to be more accurate.
-Corrected Cart Termination to better match official servers.
-Implimented Maximum Overthrust.
-Implimented Gravitation Field.
-Made minor adjustments to the way damage is handled.
-Added in murderer bonus for PK servers.
-Added option for Increased Concentration 1 from anolian card.
-Added in the bonus stats for cooking items.
-Added in the effects for Sesame Pastry, Honey Pastry, and Rainbow Cake.
-Added in the effect of Long Mace, Alligator card, and Horn card to block ranged damage.
-Corrected Gemini-S58's damage.
-Corrected stats of some of the Biolabs MVP's.
-Adjusted some monster names to reflect the iRo names. For clarity, the class of the laboratory ghost monsters will be written shorthand in brackets beside the name.
-Corrected some spelling and formatting mistakes in the monster description panel.

2006/03/13 14:24
-Corrected supernovice to have 99 job levels.
-Corrected spelling of character class "Rogue".
-Big adjustments to the shield chain skill. The skill modifier should now take place correctly before vit is taken into account. This should correct the problem where the skill was giving lower results than expected on high vit monsters. The changes are made to reflect information found on a post at Ragnagate. Please report any issues you find with the skill through a private message on the Ragnainfo forums.

2006/03/03 13:17
-Corrected the problem in IE where the javascript would give an error but still load properly.

2006/03/03 11:13
-Added Juperos monsters

2006/03/01 11:53
-Corrected an issue with Acid Bomb not showing damage
-Corrected an issue with Assassin Cross skills not showing damage
-Corrected Bazeralt to give +10% matk
-Added Arc Angeling to monster sim

No changes prior to 2006/03/01 will be logged.

Known Bugs

-Shield Chain formula currently innacurate.
-Acid Bomb formula currently innacurate.


If you know any issues with the calculator, please send a private message to me on Ragnainfo Forums or RO-Guardians Forums and I will attempt to address your issue. My username on both forums is "Doddler".