Hugel Mini-Games

The small city of Hugel is filled with many things for adventurers to enjoy. While many people will be content with the many quests, exploring the city, and access to Odin's Temple, there's a few little games that you can play to pass the time, with some good rewards to boot.

Game Rewards

By winning in various minigames in Hugel, you're given fantastic medals as a reward. These medals have no weight, and cannot be sold, vended, stored, or transfered in any way. You can save these medals up, and trade them in for various items or rewards. The following are items which you can trade for in the city of Hugel. There is also an NPC in the einbroch factory which you can talk to to exchange these medals. The items he's able to give you are as follows. Hugel Bingo

One of the minigames that can be played in Hugel is Bingo. 5 people can play at a time, though you do have the option to spectate if you so wish.

The rules are pretty simple, and play pretty similar to the Bingo you probably already know. When you first begin playing, you'll be warped onto one of 5 platforms. You'll be given a card with a 5x5 grid, which you'll have to place the numbers 1 to 25 (without repeats) however you chose. If you take too long, it'll kick you out though!

Once all the contestants have thier cards fill out, the game begins. The announcer will begin calling out numbers one by one. Each time, it'll bring up your card to show you what you have currently marked. When you have 5 in a row filled out, thats one bingo. In order to win, you need to have 5 bingo. If you have 5, you are given a chance to yell "Bingo!". If you're too slow, or misstype, he'll call another number and you'll have to give it another shot. Remember that if more than one person has 5 rows, victory goes to the first one to call "Bingo!".

Once the match is complete, the winner is given 1 fantastic medal. However, should you be lucky to have won within the first 18 numbers called, you are given 50 fantastic medals.

Hugel Monster Races

Monster Races are a big part of the Hugel experience. The races take place every 10 minutes, and players are allowed to place bets on which monster they think will cross the finish line first. You can sign up to take part for 2,000z per event, with the events alternating between singles and doubles. In singles, you are given the ability to bet on which one will be first monster to cross the finish line. In doubles, you bet on which two monsters will be first to cross (the order they finish doesn't matter). Winners of the singles are given 4 fantastic medals, and winners of the doubles are given 15 fantastic medals.

Monster Races take the form of a race between 6 different monsters, Poring, Lunatic, Savage Babe, Baby Desert Wolf, Deviruchi, and Baphomet Jr. Each monster moves at roughly the same speed, and while they arn't all that smart, eventually stumble thier way to the finish line.

Its not all up to luck however. Along thier lanes though there are hidden obstacles that can stun, confuse, curse, and sleep the racers. Before the races begin, you can check up on some estimated statistics of thier Endurance and Fortune before you place your bets. High endurance or lucky racers may be better off at avoiding obstacles. That doesn't necessarially mean they'll be smarter, or win the race, but it does make a difference.

Once you have done your research and placed your bets, take a seat and watch. 30 seconds before the races begin, the doors close and no more bets will be taken. Durring the races, you will be completely unable to use any skills or items. Once a winner is announced, you'll be asked to make your way to the exit, and should you be a winner, you can cash in your ticket with the receptionist on the way out. If you don't leave shortly after the races end, you will be warped out and unable to claim the reward should you be entitled to one.