Ragnarok Online Episode 10.4: Hugel

Introductory Guide

(By Daniel "Doddler" McNeill)


Its time yet again, as the next update to Ragnarok Online is just around the corner. While episode 10.4 is more of an intermediary episode between the sweeping changes that occured earlier in episode 10 and those of episode 11, there's still much to be excited about. Episode 10.4: Hugel, brings to a close the main story that you've been following throughout Ep10, as well as new quests, dungeons, and two great new playable character classes. Take a look, and see whats in store for you!

The International Ragnarok Online server (iRo) has not officially anounced the Hugel update, but early in the new year, probably January or February 2007 would be a likely guess. Currently episode 10.4 is on Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Ragnarok servers.