New Monsters 

The following is a list of monsters which are added to the game with Noghalt. While I researched each one thoroughly in an attempt to provide the most accurate information, the possibility always exists that some mistakes exist. Take care in adventuring the new lands, because it would be a shame for our hero's to die just because of a slip here.
Lady Tanee
RacePlant Lvl89 Atk450 ~ 3,770
ElementWind 3 HP493,000 Def30+78
SizeLarge Exp64,995 / 43,222 MDef44 +78
AIRanged, Immobile, Active, MVP
SkillsStun Attack, Guided Attack, Combo Attack, Critical Slash, Charge Arrow, Defender, Potion Pitcher, Heal (9999), Power Up, Teleport, Summon Slave (Kraben), Call Slave
Drops Banana Hat, Tropical Banana, Yggdrassil Berry, Gakkung[2], Fantastic Cooking Set, Old Purple Box, Elunium, Steamed Desert Scorpions (+10 Agi Food)
MVP Reward Old Purple Box, Hwergelmir's Tonic (+10 Dex Food), Carrat Diamond
NotesAGI 185, VIT 78, INT 78, DEX 210, LUK 38
Perfect Hit 294, Perfect Flee 374
*Ayothaya MVP, 7 Hour Spawn.
Orc Baby
RaceDemi-Human Lvl21 Atk135 ~ 270
ElementEarth 1 HP912 Def10+10
SizeSmall Exp220 / 220 MDef10 +23
SkillsBash, Emotion, Summon Slave (Orc Warrior, Orc Lady)
Drops Milk, Bib, Nursing Bottle, Giant Jellopy, Pacifier
NotesAGI 15, VIT 10, INT 18, DEX 35, LUK 2
Perfect Hit 56, Perfect Flee 136
*Added to Orc Village
RaceFormless Lvl43 Atk294 ~ 715
ElementWind 3 HP5,099 Def7+6
SizeMedium Exp2,390 / 1,340 MDef32 +38
SkillsWind Element Attack, Combo Attack, Critical Slash, Defender, Elemental Change
DropsRomantic Leaf, Romantic Flower, Raccoon Leaf, Green Herb, Four Leaf Clover, Rough Wind, Dead Branch, Apple
NotesAGI 92, VIT 6, INT 38, DEX 91, LUK 45
Perfect Hit 172, Perfect Flee 210
RaceBrute Lvl54 Atk550 ~ 650
ElementEarth 2 HP6,444 Def0+64
SizeMedium Exp2,400 / 2,050 MDef10+5
AINon Active, Looter
DropsAloe Leaflet, Reptile Tounge, Hinale Leaflet, Monster Feed, Green Herb, Aloevera, Green Herb, Green Herb
NotesAGI 52, VIT 64, INT 5, DEX 98, LUK 14
Perfect Hit 126, Perfect Flee 227
Novus (large)
RaceDragon Lvl42 Atk284 ~ 384
ElementNeutral 1 HP5,430 Def20+43
SizeSmall Exp1,320/1,002 MDef28+45
DropsDragon Scale, Green Herb, Cyfar
NotesAGI 56, VIT 43, INT 45, DEX 124, LUK 43
Perfect Hit 118, 95% FLEE 241
Novus (small)
RaceDragon Lvl42 Atk314 ~ 414
ElementNeutral 1 HP5,830 Def24+43
SizeSmall Exp1,411/1,100 MDef28+60
SkillsSilence Attack
DropsDragon Scale, Yellow Herb, Cyfar
NotesAGI 60, VIT 43, INT 39, DEX 119, LUK 43
Perfect Hit 123, Perfect Flee 237
Dragon Egg
RaceDragon Lvl43 Atk1 ~ 1
ElementNeutral 2 HP18,322 Def78+56
SizeMedium Exp6,740 / 0 MDef60+95
AINon Active, Unable to Attack
SkillsMetamorphosis (Novus)
DropsElunium, Broken Egg Shell, 2 Carat Diamond, 3 Carat Diamond, Garnet, Aquamarine, Topaz
NotesAGI 1, VIT 56, INT 67, DEX 1, LUK 63
Perfect Hit 64, Perfect Flee 119
Ferus (green)
RaceDragon Lvl69 Atk930 ~ 1,170
ElementEarth 2 HP21,182 Def34+100
SizeLarge Exp6,750 / 2,230 MDef45+160
SkillsEarth Element Attack, Combo Attack, Piercing Attack, Brandish Spear, Spear Stab, Provoke, Teleport
DropsGreen Bijou, Dragon Skin, Dragon Fang, Great Nature, Yummy Fish
NotesAGI 80, VIT 100, INT 110, DEX 70, LUK 70
Perfect Hit 159, Perfect Flee 224
Ferus (red)
RaceDragon Lvl70 Atk1,056 ~ 1,496
ElementFire 2 HP29,218 Def24+100
SizeLarge Exp8,093 / 3952 MDef38+150
SkillsFire Element Attack, Combo Attack, Critical Slash, Brandish Spear, Spear Stab, Teleport
DropsRed Bijou, Dragon Skin, Dragon Fang, Strawberry, Flame Heart, Dragon Scale, Apple
NotesAGI 90, VIT 100, INT 100, DEX 80, LUK 70
Perfect Hit 180, Perfect Flee 225
Acidus (yellow)
RaceDragon Lvl80 Atk1,289 ~ 2,109
ElementHoly 2 HP51,112 Def39+55
SizeLarge Exp28,043 / 8,023 MDef69+162
SkillsFire Element Attack, Stun Attack, Critical Slash, Magnum Break, Fire Ball, Fire Pillar, Teleport
DropsYellow Bijou, Dragon Scale, Dragon Skin, Dragon Fang, Orange, Treasure Box, Emperium, Apple
NotesAGI 71, VIT 55, INT 135, DEX 103, LUK 69
Perfect Hit 171, Perfect Flee 258
Acidus (blue)
RaceDragon Lvl76 Atk1,180 ~ 2,000
ElementWind 2 HP39,111 Def31+31
SizeLarge Exp14,392 / 4,203 MDef47+108
SkillsWind Element Attack, Lightning Bolt, Thunderstorm, Stop, Teleport
DropsBlue Bijou, Dragon Scale, Dragon Skin, Dragon Fang, Blue Potion, Blue Herb, Rough Wind
NotesAGI 78, VIT 31, INT 93, DEX 88, LUK 52
Perfect Hit 174, Perfect Flee 239
RaceDragon Lvl89 Atk2,554 ~ 3,910
ElementDark 2 HP308,230 Def52+110
SizeLarge Exp83,450 / 2,480 MDef62+141
AIActive, Boss
SkillsRandom Element Attack, Combo Attack, Sonic Blow, Critical Slash, Meteor Storm, Heal (9999), Power Up, Teleport, Summon Slave (Novus x2, Acidus x2, Ferus x2), Call Slave
DropsDragon Skin, Dragon Fang, 3-Headed Dragon's Head, Treasure Box, Dragon Slayer, Stew of Immortality, Stone of Sage, Apple
NotesAGI 96, VIT 110, INT 86, DEX 94, LUK 32
Perfect Hit 205, Perfect Flee 258
RaceDragon Lvl90 Atk4,560 ~ 5,548
ElementDark 3 HP480,000 Def66+112
SizeLarge Exp291,850 / 123,304 MDef62+141
AIActive, Boss, MVP
SkillsFire Ball, Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm, Summon Slave (1x Hydrolancer), Shield Reflect, Call Slave, Acid Terror, Teleport
DropsOld Purple Box, Treasure Box, Gold, Dragon Killer, Fire Dragon Scale, Jewel Crown, Pole Axe[1], Dragon Breath Cocktail
NotesAGI 90, VIT 112, INT 136, DEX 140, LUK 56
Perfect Hit 205, Perfect Flee 258
Red Plasma
RaceFormless Lvl43 Atk300 ~ 700
ElementFire 4 HP5,700 Def0+5
SizeSmall Exp2,000 / 1,000 MDef30+56
AIActive, 3-4 cell range
SkillsSleep Attack, Fire Element Attack, Fire Ball, Fire Bolt
DropsScell, Gift Box, 2carat Diamond, Red Gemstone, Red Blood, Apple
NotesAGI 30, VIT 5, INT 56, DEX 90, LUK 30
Perfect Hit 93, Perfect Flee 208
Blue Plasma
RaceFormless Lvl44 Atk300 ~ 700
ElementWater 4 HP8,200 Def0+5
SizeSmall Exp2,000 / 1,000 MDef30+75
AIActive, 3-4 cell range
SkillsWater Element Attack, Water Ball, Cold Bolt, Frost Diver
DropsScell, Gift Box, 2carat Diamond, Blue Gemstone, Crystal Blue, Apple
NotesAGI 30, VIT 5, INT 73, DEX 90, LUK 30
Perfect Hit 93, Perfect Flee 208
Green Plasma
RaceFormless Lvl47 Atk300 ~ 700
ElementEarth 4 HP7,600 Def0+5
SizeSmall Exp2,000 / 1,000 MDef30+61
AIActive, 3-4 cell range
SkillsEarth Element Attack, Stone Curse, Earth Spike, Quagmire
DropsScell, Gift Box, 2carat Diamond, Blue Gemstone, Green Live, Apple
NotesAGI 30, VIT 5, INT 61, DEX 90, LUK 30
Perfect Hit 97, Perfect Flee 212
Purple Plasma
RaceFormless Lvl49 Atk300 ~ 700
ElementDark 4 HP5,900 Def0+5
SizeSmall Exp2,000 / 1,000 MDef30+54
AIActive, 3-4 cell range
SkillsDark Element Attack, Curse Attack, Dark Strike, Splash Attack
DropsScell, Gift Box, 2carat Diamond, Red Gemstone, Cursed Ruby, Apple
NotesAGI 30, VIT 5, INT 54, DEX 90, LUK 30
Perfect Hit 99, Perfect Flee 214
Yellow Plasma
RaceFormless Lvl56 Atk400 ~ 900
ElementGhost 4 HP8,400 Def0+5
SizeSmall Exp2,200 / 2,100 MDef40+15
AIActive, 3-4 cell range
SkillsGhost Element Attack, Stun Attack, Napalm Beat, Soul Strike
DropsScell, Gift Box, 2carat Diamond, Yellow Gemstone, Gold, Apple
NotesAGI 30, VIT 10, INT 10, DEX 105, LUK 45
Perfect Hit 106, Perfect Flee 236
Ancient Mimic
RaceFormless Lvl60 Atk530 ~ 1,667
ElementNeutral 3 HP8,080 Def20+30
SizeLarge Exp2,950 / 2,650 MDef40+55
SkillsAuto Guard, Blood Drain
DropsOld Blue Box, Old Purple Box, Gift Box, Shoes[1], Hood[1], Sandals[1], Gold Ring, Manteau[1]
NotesAGI 100, VIT 30, INT 40, DEX 150, LUK 110
Perfect Hit 180, Perfect Flee 285
Death Word
RaceFormless Lvl65 Atk622 ~ 1,102
ElementNeutral 3 HP18,880 Def10+10
SizeMedium Exp2,986 / 4,912 MDef40+25
SkillsCurse Attack, Splash Attack, Piercing Attack, Blood Drain
DropsWorn Out Page, Memory Bookmark, Old Magicbook, Bloodstained Page, Level 7 Cookbook, Level 8 Cookbook, Level 9 Cookbook, Apple
NotesAGI 75, VIT 10, INT 20, DEX 140, LUK 45
Perfect Hit 160, Perfect Flee 280
Lady Solace
RaceAngel Lvl77 Atk1,392 ~ 1,462
ElementHoly 3 HP25,880 Def21+29
SizeMedium Exp21,000 / 25,110 MDef67+159
AIActive, Boss
SkillsGrand Cross, Napalm Beat, Lex Divina, Lex Aeterna, Holy Element Attack, Teleport
DropsBlue Feather, Ring[1], Stone of Sage, Garnet, Harp[2], Cursed Sign, Old Blue Box
NotesAGI 76, VIT 29, INT 145, DEX 99, LUK 100
Perfect Hit 173, Perfect Flee 251
Baroness of Retribution
RaceAngel Lvl79 Atk2,022 ~ 2,288
ElementDark 3 HP46,666 Def35+66
SizeMedium Exp28,322 / 33,120 MDef35+105
AIActive, Boss
SkillsDark Element Attack, Curse Attack, Dark Cross, Grand Darkness, Dark Breath, Bowling Bash, Teleport
DropsRed Feather, Ring[1], Stone of Sage, Ruby, Manteau[1], Two Handed Sword[2], Cursed Sign, Old Blue Box
NotesAGI 142, VIT 66, INT 72, DEX 133, LUK 39
Perfect Hit 241, Perfect Flee 287
Mistress of Shelter
RaceAngel Lvl80 Atk1,871 ~ 1,971
ElementHoly 3 HP38,000 Def22+34
SizeMedium Exp29,010 / 25,110 MDef63+167
AIActive, Boss
SkillsDark Element Attack, Blind Attack, Dark Thunder, Teleport, Venom Dust
DropsRed Feather, Angel Wing Ears, Stone of Sage, Pearl, Skull, Cursed Sign, Apple, Old Blue Box
NotesAGI 67, VIT 34, INT 167, DEX 157, LUK 120
Perfect Hit 167, Perfect Flee 312
Dame of Sentinel
RaceAngel Lvl81 Atk1,666 ~ 2,609
ElementHoly 4 HP65,111 Def55+58
SizeMedium Exp39,872 / 33,120 MDef55+154
AIActive, Boss
SkillsHoly Element Attack, Jupitel Thunder, Snatch, Heal, Safety Wall, Teleport
DropsBlue Feather, Ring[1], Cursed Sign, Topaz, Stone of Sage, Hair Band, Gold Ornament, Old Blue Box
NotesAGI 74, VIT 56, INT 126, DEX 145, LUK 114
Perfect Hit 175, Perfect Flee 301
Dolor of Thanatos
RaceUndead Lvl83 Atk1,392 ~ 2,092
ElementGhost 4 HP59,922 Def21+29
SizeSmall Exp43,200 / 51,220 MDef80+206
AIActive, Boss
SkillsHallucination, Dark Thunder, Mental Breaker, Decrease Agility, Teleport, Heal, Magical Attack
DropsBrigan, 2carat Diamond, 3carat Diamond, Fragment of Agony, Old Card Album
NotesAGI 76, VIT 29, INT 206, DEX 139, LUK 44
Perfect Hit 179, Perfect Flee 297
Maero of Thanatos
RaceUndead Lvl83 Atk2,022 ~ 2,288
ElementGhost 4 HP62,000 Def29+30
SizeMedium Exp56,699 / 63,880 MDef72+215
AIActive, Boss
SkillsGhost Element Attack, Sonic Blow, Dark Strike, Invisible, Teleport
DropsBrigan, 2carat Diamond, 3carat Diamond, Fragment of Misery, Old Card Album
NotesAGI 176, VIT 30, INT 200, DEX 122, LUK 29
Perfect Hit 279, Perfect Flee 280
Despero of Thanatos
RaceUndead Lvl88 Atk2,182 ~ 3,082
ElementGhost 4 HP86,666 Def38+84
SizeLarge Exp62,001 / 51,220 MDef39+131
AIActive, Boss
SkillsStun Attack, Ghost Element Attack, Critical Slash, Bowling Bash, Sightrasher, Invisible, Provoke, Fire Element Attack, Agility Up (3x agi), Teleport
DropsBrigan, 2carat Diamond, 3carat Diamond, Fragment of Despair, Old Card Album
NotesAGI 167, VIT 79, INT 92, DEX 151, LUK 120
Perfect Hit 275, Perfect Flee 314
Odium of Thanatos
RaceUndead Lvl92 Atk2,100 ~ 2,800
ElementGhost 4 HP72,389 Def68+165
SizeLarge Exp88,420 / 63,880 MDef30+144
AIActive, Ranged, Boss
SkillsPiercing Attack, Dark Element Attack, Ghost Element Attack, Stop, Change Element (Dark), Power Up (3x atk 3x dex), Teleport
DropsBrigan, 2carat Diamond, 3carat Diamond, Fragment of Hatred, Old Card Album
NotesAGI 52, VIT 165, INT 62, DEX 185, LUK 90
Perfect Hit 164, Perfect Flee 352
Thanatos Phantom
RaceDemon Lvl99 Atk3,812 ~ 7,483
ElementGhost 4 HP445,660 Def35+125
SizeLarge Exp3,666,000 / 2,145,060 MDef35+145
AIActive, Boss, MVP
SkillsBash, Soul Strike, Meteor Storm, Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, Two Hand Quicken, Power Up (3x atk 3x dex), Provoke, Hammerfall, Teleport, Change Element (Holy), Summon Slave (Agony, Sorrow, Despair, and Hatred of Thanatos), Call Slave
DropsTreasure Box, 3carat Diamond, Skeletal Armor Piece, Legion Plate Armor[1], Greaves[1], Old Card Album, Bloody Branch of Tree
NotesAGI 108, VIT 122, INT 86, DEX 147, LUK 32
Perfect Hit 227, Perfect Flee 321