Abyss Lake Dungeon 

Travelers can find Abyss Lake in the northern part Schwartzvalt Republic near Thanatos Tower. The only lake in the Republic is a natural wonder whose beauty has warmed the coldest of hearts and inspired hundreds of Bard songs. The shimmering lake surface, the surrounding green fields, and the foggy mist form an astonishing vision through all four seasons of the year. The lake's clear, pristine waters seem to run endlessly into the earth, ,and no one is sure of the water's actual depth. A quint island lies in the center of Abyss Lake, covered with dark, earthen rocks that appear purposefully arranged, almost as if to obscure something...

Although it is a beauteous spectacle, human visitors rarely come to Abyss Lake. The human inhabitants near Abyss Lake were all long since driven away by combined threat of strange creatures, believed to be guardians of nature summoned by the gods, and the dragons that have been summoned by Demon King Morroc. Even as people fled from Abyss Lake, Morroc's dragons grew more numerous and agressive, immediately attacking travelers and airships that dared to come near.

Abyss Lake Dungeon is one of the two primary dungeons added in with the Noghalt update. Different from previous dungeons, Abyss Lake consists almost entirely of dragon type monsters. Time to break out those petite cards, and your dragon smiting weapons (Gae Bolg, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Killer, Dragon Wing, and Legacy of Dragon) and get hunting!

The Abyss Lake Dungeon consists of three floors, each floor becoming increasingly difficult. The final floor is a wide open space crowded with lots of monsters. Its recommended that if you wish to come to this place, that you have a sizable or very well co-ordinated party. On this final floor, the boss dragon Detale Deurus will appear to stop you from taking his treasures. If you manage to defeat him, I'm sure you'll find it worthwhile because Detale Deurus is the only monster currently in game that has a high drop rate on Pole Axe [1].

There isn't much of a quest to enter Abyss Lake Dungeon, though you do need several items to enter. North of the lake, there is a pillar. If you bring to it 1 Dragon Canine, 1 Dragon Scale, and 1 Dragon Tail, a portal to the center island (the dungeon entrance) will open for 10 seconds. If you don't have the items on you, you can get them easily from Deleters, which you can find one screen south of the Abyss Lake. Note that even if you do manage to get onto the center island through other means such as teleport, you cannot enter the dungeon without activating the pillar.

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