Kiel Hyre 


K.H. Corporation has prospered for 32 years, now under the direction of a man only of age 20 by the name of Kiel Hyre. What once began as a small einbroch factory became a huge enterprise in the Schwarzwald Republic specializing in Guardian research and repair. Its size is rivaled only by the great Rekenber Corporation. K.H. Corp now and days provides a wide array of social welfare to those across Schwarzwald, and maintains residence and an acadamy for those less fortunate.

By all accounts, K.H. Corp is a shining light of Schwarzwald. But Kiel Hyre himself has his own secrets. What kind of research might he be hiding?

In episode 10.4, you'll explore the history of Kiel Hyre, and unearth thier terrifying secrets. Kiel Hyre is composed of a quest, who's length and complexity rivals that of 'The Sign', and a two floor dungeon which is accessable once you've completed the quest.

Quest Details

The Kiel Hyre quest is available to any players at or above level 70. Because of the difficulty of the quest (monster fighting parts), you may want to bring your friends along as you do it. Completing the quest rewards you with aproximately 2m base experience, a Taming Gift Set, an Old Card Album, and the Keycard required to enter the second level of the dungeon. The only items you'll need for the quest are 2 Cheese, 7 Milk, 5 Cacao, and 10 Raw Fish.

The quest begins in the Juno Bar, where the troubled master will ask you to make a delivery to the Kiel Hyre Acadamy. From this point you will follow a clear path to unearth the secrets of Kiel Hyre.

If you get stuck or are unable to proceed, you can refer to the Kiel Hyre Quest Guide for assistance.

Map Spawns

Mechanical Doll Factory 1F (kh_dun01)
BGM: 92.mp3 - Naive Rave

Mechanical Doll Factory 2F(kh_dun02)
BGM: 92.mp3 - Naive Rave