Introduction to Expanded Character Classes


As part of an ongoing effort to keep Ragnarok Online interesting and fresh, Gravity has introduced the idea of Expanded Classes. Expanded Classes are a set of new playable character classes which, while they can't be taken as far as regular characters (ie: cannot transcend), they provide a unique play experience that is sure to be refreshing to new and experienced players alike.

With Episode 10.3: Noghalt, gravity implimented the first part of thier Expanded Character Classes Project, the Taekwon characters. Now with Hugel, we get to experience Part 2, Ninja's and Gunslingers.

Ninja's and Gunslingers are similar to the Teekwon classes as they play different than any of the main character classes. Both classes switch right from Novice at Job 10, and are complete Jobs; they do not have a second class form.

Ninja's are stealthy warriors of the Dogu Clan of Amatsu. They strike from afar, and use a variety of throwing, stealth, and magical means to dispatch thier opponents. Ninja players can chose to focus in one of these specialties or spread themselves across several types of skills.

From the Gunslinger's Guild under the great tower in Einbroch, is the first introduction of firearms to the world of Ragnarok. Gunslingers use a variety of different firearms, and can specialize in specific skills for firearms, or use the more broad but restrictive 'Coin' skills. Or maybe as you might find best, make a unique build of thier very own..

As with the first part of the Expanded Classes Project, Gunslingers and Ninja's don't fail to deliver unique and entertaining gameplay options that anyone, no matter how long they've been playing can enjoy. So do yourself a favor, and find out what they're all about!.