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To facilitate the key pillar of people-to-people exchanges, Li said China will set up a China-ASEAN scholarship, implement an research as well as study program for about 1,000 youth leaders from China as well as ASEAN, and invite another 1,000 outstanding young people from ASEAN for training programs in China.

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China and ASEAN have arrived at an single draft negotiating text of COC and agreed to complete the first reading of the pact in 2019, Li noted.

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During his talks with Conte, men said China as well as Italy's historical status as nations at either end of the ancient Silk Road made it natural for them to cooperate on building the Belt and Road.

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Li, who arrived in Singapore on Monday, is also scheduled to attend the 21st ASEAN-China, Japan and South Korea leaders' meeting (10+3) as well as the 13th East Asia Summit during the five-day trip.

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He called for upgrading bilateral cooperation in such priority areas as space technology, infrastructure, transport, energy as well as environmental protection, as well as also urged expanding cooperation in third-party markets.

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