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(Korea) Patch Notes Feb 15th, 2011

Common Patch Kind-hearted Degril event has ended. A special reward is added for one week to those that won the Valentine’s Day event contest. Corrected the weight of Earing[1],├é┬áNecklace[1], Ring[1], Brooch[1], Rosary[1], and Glove[1]. Changed some items that could be sold to an NPC but not dropped. Main Servers Thanatos server receives a 20% experience […]


(Korea) Patch Notes Feb 9th, 2011

Common Patch Corrected an error with the El Dicastes Daily quest “Pub Master’s Obsession”. New Years Event has ended. Mother’s Heart Event has ended. Valentines event has started. (Feb 9th to March 16th). Quest starts in Alberta. Main Servers Corrected an error with the Judgement Robe and Care Robe’s elemental property. Corrected the Warlock skill […]


(Korea) Patch Notes – Jan 26th, 2011

Common Patch If you disconnect in the netcafe exclusive dungeon Izlude 6f, you’ll be returned to your save point now. Main Servers The Angel Wings can now be enchanted with hidden slot enchant. See the relevant NPC on Malangdo Island. Adjusted the simple cash shop UI. Ended the Gym Pass and Emperium G discount event. […]

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(Korea) Patch Notes – Jan 19th, 2011

Common Patch Super Novice event has ended. Softhearted Degil event has ended. Added a message “This item cannot be traded to another account” when attempting to trade account bound items. Main Server Corrected an issue with the autospell invoke of the skill “Sage Spirit”. Corrected an issue where some skills would do strange damage to […]