(Korea) Patch Notes Feb 15th, 2011

Common Patch

  • Kind-hearted Degril event has ended.
  • A special reward is added for one week to those that won the Valentine’s Day event contest.
  • Corrected the weight of Earing[1], Necklace[1], Ring[1], Brooch[1], Rosary[1], and Glove[1].
  • Changed some items that could be sold to an NPC but not dropped.

Main Servers

  • Thanatos server receives a 20% experience event for winning the 2011 1st server battle.

Sakray Test Server

  • Corrected an error with the item effect of the Alchemy Gloves.
  • Arch Bishop test has been updated. During the Odin Temple portion, when you go to the center of the map, the dialog with Valkyrie Vanhilde will not pop up automatically, you will have to manually talk to her.
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7 Responses to (Korea) Patch Notes Feb 15th, 2011

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