jRO Renewal Differences

There’s a lot of uncertainty related to what Japan did with the renewal update, and how it compares to our current renewal.  This post is made to clarify these differences.  If something is not listed, such a flee, hit, defense, etc, it means it is not substantially different from the renewal we have.

Japan’s Renewal

Experience Chart
  • Japanese Ragnarok completely abandoned Korea’s experience requirement chart.  They instead kept the pre-renewal experience chart, and created a custom experience chart for above level 99 and 3rd job experience.  The base and job experience charts are created in a way that players tend to hit job 50 as 3rd job around base level 110.
    3rd Job Base Experience Requirements
    3rd Job Job Experience Requirements
Experience and Drop Penalty
  • Japan completely revoked the experience and drop penalty from monsters.  A player will receive full base and job experience from a monster regardless of level.  Penalty for status effects still is applicable however.
Monsters and Monster Experience
  • This experience chart would be cruel if monsters gave the same base and job experience they did in standard renewal.  Monsters in Japan’s renewal however are different, and are a combination of pre-renewal and post-renewal.  Their monsters are different in the following ways:
  • Most monsters keep the same base level and HP as they did pre-renewal.
  • Most monsters give approximately 50% more experience than they did before renewal.
  • Defense and Magic Defense values are taken right from Korea’s renewal.
  • Monster attack values were adapted from Korea’s renewal server, but adjusted depending on the difficulty of the monster.  In general, jRO monsters are about as strong as Korea’s for that monsters level, perhaps a bit harder.
  • Some monsters received special adjustments.  For example, the Nidhoggur Instance monsters Ryncho, Phylla, Ancient Tree, and Dark Shadow have the Korean renewal HP (300k-400k HP) and stats, but give dramatically more experience (200k+ base).
Monster Spawns
  • jRO did not use the renewal monster spawn changes provided in Korea’s renewal.  That is to say, they are mostly pre-renewal spawns, but jRO did a lot of custom changes to the pre-renewal spawns both before and after their renewal, so it’s a pretty different from what we ever had.
Cast Time
  • The cast time of all first, second, expanded and transcend job skills were reverted to their pre-renewal cast times.  That means that only 3rd job skills have any fixed cast time, all other skills are made completely variable cast time.
Changing to Third Jobs
  • In standard renewal, you can change to 3rd job upon reaching base level 99 as either transcend or non transcend.  In Japan’s renewal, you must transcend, and can change into 3rd job once you reach base level 90 on a transcend job.
Physical Attack Formula
Japan implemented a custom physical attack formula.  It is designed to put an increased reliance on strength to obtain a powerful attack, as well as return dex to it’s previous role in affecting minimum damage.  The formula produces higher damage with more strength, but low str builds are considerably worse off.  It is different in the following fashion:
  • Status Attack
    • Status attack in Korea and Japan’s formula remains roughly the same.
  • Weapon Attack
    • Korea – In Korea’s renewal, weapon damage varies by 5% per level of the weapon.  So a level 4 weapon will vary +/- 20%.  No other factors affect this variance.
    • Japan – In Japan’s renewal, max weapon damage is weapon attack times 40%, plus 10% for each weapon level.  For example, the max weapon attack of a level 4 weapon is 80% higher than the weapons stated weapon attack.  This attack is reduced however the the strength negative penalty, explained later.Minimum weapon attack power functions differently, with the weapons minimum damage being equal to your dex plus 10% per weapon level.  At 60 dex and a level 4 weapon, your minimum damage would be 84, regardless of how powerful of a weapon you were using.
  • Strengh Bonus
    • Korea – kRO renewal applies a strangth bonus of +0.5% weapon attack power per point of strength.  That means that the bonus is dependant on the weapon you use.  A player with 100 strength will get a 50 damage bonus with a 100 attack power weapon, but they will get twice the damage bonus with a 200 attack power weapon.
    • Japan – jRO renewal has a strength bonus of [[STR / 10] ^ 3 / 60].  This formula means you won’t really get a strength bonus until about 60 str.  At 100 str, you’ll have a bonus of 16.  At 150 str, the bonus is 56, and 200 str the bonus is 133.  The cubic formula means that higher level of str provide a huge bonus in attack.  This bonus is also independant of weapon type, a class with low attack power weapons, like Ranger will not be penalized like it is in Korea’s version.  On the other hand, it means that you need to focus more on strength to provide a sizable benefit (in the same way as pre-renewal).
  • Negative Penalty
    • This feature is only present in Japan’s renewal.  This concept further re-inforces the necessity of having strenth in a combat focused build.  If a class doesn’t have enough strength to wield their current weapon, they’ll receive a penalty to their max damage.  With no strength at all, 2/3 of a weapons attack power is lost to the penalty.  The penalty is recovered at a rate of [[Str / 10] ^ 2 * (WeaponLv * 0.2 + 0.8)].To put that in perspective, a 100 attack lv 2 weapon will have a negative penalty of 66 damage with no strength.  To fully recover the lost damage from the penalty, you will need 70~80 strength.  A 200 attack lv 3 weapon would require 100 str, and a 350 attack power level 4 weapon would require 130 str to wield without a negative modifier to damage.
Magic Attack Formula
Japan implemented a custom magic attack formula.  Japan’s formula puts the focus on magic attack entirely on INT.  A character without a reasonable amount of int will be a poor caster.  In Korea’s renewal, a player could have at least a usable amount of magic attack from level and dexterity alone, and a non caster character could be at least a decent caster if they used the right gears, but not so in jRO.  The opposite is true, if you don’t have enough int, even the best gear in the world won’t make you a caster.
  • Status Matk
    • Korea – Korea has a base magic attack of INT + Int/2 + Luk/3 + Dex/5 + Level/4.
    • Japan – Japan has a base magic attack of INT + [[INT / 8] ^ 3 / 40] + Luk/3.
  • Weapon Matk
    • Korea – The magic attack is the same as for physical attack.  The weapons magic attack is equal to the weapons base magic attack power, +/- 5% per level of the weapon.  A level 4 weapon would vary by +/- 20% for example.
    • Japan – Max magic attack power is equal to 140% of the base magic attack power of the weapon, plus an additional 10% for each weapon level.  Minimum magic attack however is much different, equal to [Int/5] * (2 + WeaponLv * 0.5).  At 100 int for example, you would have a minimum matk of 80, regardless of weapon equipped (unless the weapon’s matk value was less than 80).
  • Negative Penalty
    • Like weapon attack, magic attack also has a negative penalty.  If you do not have enough INT to wield the current weapon, your magic attack power will be penalized up to the entirety of the weapons matk value.  At 0 int, the entirety of your weapons matk is negated by the negative penalty.  You recover the penalty at a rate of [Int / 5] * (8 + WeaponLv).  A 200 MATK weapon for example would require about 85 int to wield at max weapon attack power.


  • Eden Group
    • Japan did not implement the eden group at all.  jRO has a very comprehensive set of beginner quests that extend beyond the novice training grounds and persist up to level 60-80 called the Adventurers Academy.  The Adventurer’s Academy is much more elaborate than the eden group and has it’s own separate map, with reoccurring characters, where new players can progress through “grades” by taking jobs and taking tests (small quests).  Higher grade adventurer’s can gain heals and buffs from NPCs in low-mid level zones across the game world, are provided a generous amount of novice red provisions and gain access to special equipment and headgears.In addition to the tutorial aspect of the Adventurer’s Academy, there is also the “Academy Secret Stories”, a collection of lengthy story quests involving characters from the academy with unique equipment rewards.  A new academy secret stories has been released every year for the past several years.
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15 Responses to jRO Renewal Differences

  1. Quervo says:

    These kinds of changes are more welcome in my opinion because it will make reaching 120 stat attribute a bit more rewarding. Also, this will bring back build diversity in RO (not just high LUK builds because LUK is a soooo rewarding stat to put on e.g. crit, hit, atk, matk -_-).

    However, since you need to transcend to change to 3rd job, how will this affect baby/adopted classes? They can’t transcend so will this mean no more mini mechanics in mini MadoGears?

    • Doddler says:

      Well, that’s a valid concern… As far as I’m aware though, jRO doesn’t yet have baby 3rd jobs. I doubt it would be a big deal though, they would probably let baby chars to change without going trans.

  2. olb says:

    Did jRO make the change to +20% cards to only affect weaponATK as well?

  3. Moly_Boy says:

    simply means a stat is required before you can wield a weapon???? reminds me of the blizard’s rpg games

  4. Nickname says:

    …oh wow, I think I should take what I said on my last comment back. jRO seems a bit too weird, for the lack of a better word, what with it trying to combine pre-Renewal with Renewal and adding even more stuff. Still, all these changes kind of make me curious if their take on everything is or feels more balanced than what we got from Korea.

  5. jan says:

    the negative penalty is not good for a pure brewer/forger build char with no str..

  6. Karas says:

    Hi Doddler, sorry for disturbing, im trying to find data of the Jro “headgear hidden enchant” (I don´t know the real name) system, especialy the comple list of headgears that can be enchanted and the cost. I only find rumors or cut data. You know where I can find it or you have it?

  7. E says:

    Most monsters get a 20% more hp increase before renewal in jRO.

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  9. run 3 online says:

    There is a lot of uncertainty regarding what Japan has done with your current renewal update. I have seen this difference.

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