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RO2 Live Stream

RO2 will be in beta test over the next week, I will be periodically streaming gameplay from the game when I get a chance.  Check out my channel over on to watch!

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jRO Jan 25th Update (2/3) – Spawn and Exp Changes

On maintenance of January 25th, monster spawn arrangement and experience values are adjusted to be better for both solo and party play.  The following is a list of spawn changes made across the game world. Note: jRO monster spawns are generally different than iRO’s, and have different experience requirements for leveling up than we do. […]


jRO Jan 25th Update (1/3) – Box Update

On maintenance of January 25th, item giving boxes are getting a full scale update.  Items affected are the Old Purple Box, Old Blue Box, Present Box, and Treasure Box.