jRO Disabled Skills

I’ve received quite a few questions about what skills are and are not currently allowed to be used on jRO.  jRO, like iRO, have taken balance measures into their own hands due to Gravity’s slow moving nature in attempting to fix skill bugs and abuses.  They do this by the only means they really can, disabling the use of specific skills in specific situations.

iRO’s fixes are more firmly in place to correct game exploits, such as blocking warg bite and extreme vacuum on maps where MVPs appear and in memorial dungeon instances.  jRO’s approach is equally valid, but focuses specifically on blocking skill usage that could be used to grief other players and blocking skills that may negatively impact the enjoyment of siege and other game aspects due to their power.  Knuckle Arrow, Dragon’s Breath, Deep Sleep and other skills are blocked on siege maps because of their largely overpowering effects.  Skills like a Maestro’s “Harmonize” was blocked because it could be used to remove the stat bonuses of other players, including removing bonuses that they had paid for through the kafra shop.

This is the basis of their changes.  Like iRO, the purpose of these changes isn’t as a long term fix, but limiting the effects of bugs and unbalanced skills as much as possible until Gravity is able to review the situation and add a fix.  jRO staff had outlined their plans for fixes before (see this post), and plan on streaming live on the 29th on ustream describing their current progress.

The complete list of changes they’ve made is as follows.

Blocked on All Maps (Completely Disabled)
  • Shadow Chaser
    • Masquarade: Gloomy
  • Royal Guard
    • Reflect Damage
    • Over Brand
    • Inspiration
  • Maestro
    • Harmonize
  • Maestro/Wanderer
    • Gloomy Shyness
  • Sura
    • Lightning Walk
Blocked on Siege, Guild Dungeon, Pvp, PK maps, Turbo Track (pvp) Maps
  • Wizard
    • Sight Blaster
Blocked on Siege Maps
  • Rune Knight
    • Dragon Breath
  • Royal Guard
    • Pinpoint Attack
  • Sura
    • Knuckle Arrow
Blocked in Guild Dungeon, Pvp, PK maps
  • Maestro/Wanderer
    • Deep Sleep Lullaby
Blocked in Guild Dungeon, Pvp, PK maps, Dungeons, Event Maps, and Turbo Track (pvp)
  • Sorcerer
    • Arullo
Blocked Outside of Siege, Guild Dungeon, Pvp, Turbo Track (pvp) Maps
  • Rune Knight
    • Phantom Thrust
  • Warlock
    • Stasis
  • Shadow Chaser
    • Chaos Panic
    • Shadow Form
    • Strip Accessory
    • Manhole
  • Genetic
    • Sling Item
  • Maestro/Wanderer
    • Circle of Nature
Blocked Outside of Siege and Guild Dungeon Maps
  • Royal Guard
    • Earth Drive
Blocked Outside of Siege, Guild Dungeon, Pvp and PK Maps
  • Maestro/Wanderer
    • Saturday Night Fever
Bocked in Town, Indoors, and Siege
  • Genetic
    • Thorn Wall

Blocked in Town

  • Maestro/Wanderer
    • Poem of Netherworld
Bocked in Indoors, Pvp, Siege, Turbo Track (pvp), and Memorial Dungeon Maps
  • Shadow Chaser
    • Dimension Door
    • Fatal Menace

The original list can be viewed here: http://www.ragnarokonline.jp/news/play/bug/kue8e60000007gm7.html

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7 Responses to jRO Disabled Skills

  1. Fibrizzo. says:

    Sight Blaster is an awesome skill for destroy traps. I don’t know why it’s disabled on jRO…

    • Doddler says:

      It’s currently disabled due to an exploit related to Sight Blaster and GTB card that can rapid-fire trigger autocast effects. It was exploited on iRO at some point with the Hell’s Judgement of the Lich’s Bone Wand, resulting in that item being modified.

  2. WTF? reflect damage? arrullo? KRO ITS SPOILED

  3. Henry says:

    co za asy!!

  4. A says:

    Another fine example of how to turn a good game into a staggering mix of whine induced nerf.
    Why bother putting a skill into the game if its going to be the object of pissing the player base off by partially or completely disabling it?

    If it has a beginning, then it wont have an end.
    Gravity bowed to all the whining and due to that now they are accused of loving sura and guillotine cross only. This naturally means that they will have to drop the nerf hammer on them too sooner or later and then the respective player base of these 2 classes will pick an another bunch of skills that are questionably too powerful.
    And this goes on till most of the players wont put up any longer with all the shit decisions based on whining.

    I havent played ro for a while, but its sad what it has been turned into.
    It was a good game with a lot of fun and challenge, now it resembles world of warcraft and blizzard with all of its nerf this and nerf that.
    It seriously pains me.

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