(Japan) Patch Notes – Jan 18th, 2011

  • In relation to the 3rd job update balancing, the following skill bugs have been corrected, and the limitations on their use have been removed.
    • Rune Knight’s “Phantom Thrust”
      • Using the skill on players in regular field maps could cause players to disconnect.  This has been corrected, and the skill re-enabled.  A fix to allow the moving effect to work in siege is currently under investigation.
    • Shadow Chaser’s “Strip Accessory”
      • The skill could be used against players in towns and field maps.  This has been corrected, and the skill re-enabled.
    • Shadow Chaser’s “Mascarade: Gloomy”
      • If a player attempted to call homunculus or use a pet incubator while under the effects of this skill, the pet/homunculus would be permenantly lost.  This bug has been corrected, and the skill re-enabled.
    • Sura’s “Lightning Walk”
      • In certain circomstances the use of this skill would cause the player character to get stuck in impassible cells.  This bug has been corrected, and the skill re-enabled.
  • Adjustments were made to the skills cast by the item ‘Magic Mushroom’.
  • Loading screens have been updated.

(Update 19/01/2011: Added unofficial info)

Unofficial Info

The following item sprite for the “Dragon General Helm[1]” was added to the jRO client.

Two new login illustrations promoting the upcoming addition to the Strong Star Stories series of story quests, and one against RMT.

The following item descriptions were added to the client.  They appear to be for the jRO January Ragkuji raffle (a lucky box type shop event):

Prison Uniform[1]
A uniform a prisoner would wear.  It’s colors are designed to stand out.
Increases hit and flee for each refine on the prison uniform.
When equipped in combination with Shackles,
Atk + 5.
Increases attack for each refine on the Shackles.
Type: Armor
Defense: 5
Weight: 150
Req Lv: 50
Job: All Jobs

Dragon General Helm[1]
A favorite helm worn by a general who could control dragons.  It seems to take hold in the mind of dragons.
MDEF + 3.
Increases physical damage versus dragon monsters by 5%.
Increases magical damage versus dragon monsters by 5%.
Reduces damage received from dragon monsters by 5%.
When killing a dragon type monster, there is a chance of a ‘Treasure Box’ dropping.
Type: Helm
Defence: 3
Position: Upper
Weight: 20
Req Lv: 10
Job: All

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One Response to (Japan) Patch Notes – Jan 18th, 2011

  1. skribblio says:

    It’s inconvenient to use the previous version, when I install this patch, fortunately there are no errors like before, thanks, continue to improve for the best version.

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