jRO Disabled Skills

I’ve received quite a few questions about what skills are and are not currently allowed to be used on jRO.  jRO, like iRO, have taken balance measures into their own hands due to Gravity’s slow moving nature in attempting to fix skill bugs and abuses.  They do this by the only means they really can, disabling the use of specific skills in specific situations.

iRO’s fixes are more firmly in place to correct game exploits, such as blocking warg bite and extreme vacuum on maps where MVPs appear and in memorial dungeon instances.  jRO’s approach is equally valid, but focuses specifically on blocking skill usage that could be used to grief other players and blocking skills that may negatively impact the enjoyment of siege and other game aspects due to their power.  Knuckle Arrow, Dragon’s Breath, Deep Sleep and other skills are blocked on siege maps because of their largely overpowering effects.  Skills like a Maestro’s “Harmonize” was blocked because it could be used to remove the stat bonuses of other players, including removing bonuses that they had paid for through the kafra shop.

This is the basis of their changes.  Like iRO, the purpose of these changes isn’t as a long term fix, but limiting the effects of bugs and unbalanced skills as much as possible until Gravity is able to review the situation and add a fix.  jRO staff had outlined their plans for fixes before (see this post), and plan on streaming live on the 29th on ustream describing their current progress.

The complete list of changes they’ve made is as follows. Continue reading

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jRO Previous Anniversary Headgear

Because the anniversary headgear thread sparked some interest, I’ve decided to go back and translate the anniversary and special headgear from previous years.  Lots of the headgears are winners from the headgear design contests they hold annually.

There’s obviously other headgears from special events, tie-ins or other cash shop offerings, but these are the ones from the major packages.

Edit: I completely missed 2009 (7th year anniversary).  I’ve updated the post to include those 5 headgears.

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jRO Anniversary Pack Headgear

Every year around the Ragnarok Online aniversary (for jRO is December 1st), Gungho offers a retail package for RO that contains a variety of goodies and tickets for several in game headgears.  A new line-up of in game items is available in the 8th Anniversary Package. Continue reading

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jRO’s “Link System”

Link System

When Japan implemented episode 12.1, they did not implement the battlegrounds like other Ragnarok servers did.  When they discussed it in an interview, they stated the reason for this was they felt the battleground system had too many bugs and was not user friendly enough to be implemented on their server.  Word is that it may be implemented in 2011 once Gravity completes an overhaul of the current battleground system, but for now Japan does not have any of the battleground content.

However, players were still anxious to get their hands on the equipment that was exclusive to battlegrounds.  Their solution to this problem was the ‘Link System’. Continue reading

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jRO End of Year Conference

Gungho recently held an event called the ‘Ragnarok Conference and Party’, where they revealed their current plans to improve the game and future content they plan on adding in in the near future. Continue reading

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